New Video is out – Fallout : New Vegas

My first time playing Fallout : New Vegas, it was boardcasting live at my twitch yestersday i love the game i ll keep playing all weekend on twitch be sure to come at ( dont forget to follow me there ). Check this video here. Enjoy!


I got Twitch account so you all can follow me on twitch to see me live playing games…Follow me there

Video is out – Shop Tycoon

New video is out you can check it out, it’s bout the game Shop Tycoon

View it at

Added new video.

The game called Surviving Mars, it s similar to SimCity but on Planet Mars. Check how it look like and how i grow a city…

IT took me almost 4 hours to play ! Lucky that video is almost 34 minutes ( most part is 4x speed because it took longer without it LOL )

Keep coming back for next part of that game how far i am on the Planet Mars! Follow me on Channel at Rumble thank!

You can buy the game –>

Here the video:

Moved from J.I.Gamers to Deaf Gamer Girl

Welcome back to new site!

Why i moved? because J.I.Gamers is not right name for it because i m only one do playing so i m a deaf girl. “J.I.” stand Joe and Isabelle so i m only one who play and record the game so “J.I.” dont fit… I ll use to redirect to new domain to lets followers update thier bookmark.

And i added pages each series that video is playing for example Krastorio there 8 video about it so i ll put all 8 on same page that way you can follow up easier.

Thank for understanding and for coming !